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Friday, March 20, 2009

NEW Local Council Community Gardens Info Site

We have been in touch with Candice Lloyd from Queensland Health, who's working with MBR Council with regard to this new initiative - please take a look at their site
(also at top of list in weblinks), it is going to be a great resource for the whole community and a guide also for starting up.
Candice is keen to meet with us to discuss our aims for the future with BEC house on Bribie and how we'd like to be represented on their website...

We've arranged a meeting at Beks Thompson's place - 36 Wattle Ave for next Friday 27th March at 10am. It would be fantastic to see some of you there too and be involved, if you can make it.
Please give me a call or email me if you are able to come - see you there, with morning tea?!

Also Mandy Allen And Colleen Finn from BEC House are representing us at a regional Climate Change workshop for interested community groups on Bribie on Tues. 24th - watch this space for outcomes.
Thanks Guys.

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