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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bribie Climate Change Adaptation Alliance

BEC House members attended a Climate Change information session last year, this has led onto creating an Alliance of community groups on Bribie to look at Bribie's future.
Thanks to Colleen Finn who attended the Climate Change workshop on Monday 24th March on our behalf and has given us this feedback from it: -

In a nutshell: this meeting of the Bribie Climate Change Adaptation Alliance, sought to clarify and condense the concerns that were raised at the public meeting of the 19th November 2008.

This large list of concerns( almost 70 items) has now been divided into subsections, they are as follows:
Disaster Plan,
Shoreline Erosion,
Infrastructure and Planning,

The group will look at ways to best address these issues for achievable, practical, measurable and positive outcomes. Goals are to be short term- up to 1 year, mid term 2-5 yrs and long term and will include mapping, monitoring and evaluation of the above sub sections.

Ways to best involve and educate the community and particularly to engage younger people also need to be addressed.

BEC House will hopefully be involved in this process as they are issues that concern all of us.

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