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Monday, March 2, 2009

Feb/March Gatherings News

Great to see everyone at our last couple of gatherings.
  • We've already mentioned in the last post about deciding to re-look at the Art's Centre as a possible meeting ground/useage area for workshops and a garden/premises, there seems to be a new committee underway - We won't know unless we try!....
  • We discussed Working/Busy bees in our own back yards and are all keen to do that as needs be - the weather is just getting to action time again. So anyone needing a few extra hands, just let us know and we'll all help out.
  • When we all have some seedlings, etc, underway, we are happy to swap and share at future gatherings, get a bit of a barter system going.
  • We discussed the idea of Tool Share - are you happy to lend out a tool? Do we all need one of everything?? Let us know what you think on that one...
  • Julie is now going to be selling Green Harvest seeds at the Mercy Shop, instead of Eden seeds. They promise a 99% germination rate and are sourced from maleny.
  • The veg box scheme has stopped, in favour of buying Organics direct from Wright's Fruit Barn, so please support Jackie at Wrights (next to the Orange Bribie hardware store) as she's doing it all just for us and keeping prices down.
  • We are all interested in future workshops and are looking at possibilities - let us know what your interests are and what you'd like to attend..
  • We are going to approach Peter Kearney from City Food Growers about a visit to the Samford garden for some time soon - watch this space..

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