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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trip to Melbourne : CERES

What can I say about CERES Community Environment Park?
It em
bodies all that we aspire to and I encourage you to check out their Weblink for a fuller understanding of all that they do.
They, like us, started out small in the late 70's from a local communi
ty group who developed the concept and were given the 4 hectare site lease by council in 1982, which was a landfill site, but with rich indigenous cultural heritage.
Over 25 years on, it is now one of the most visited environmen
tal education centres in Australia and thriving, aswell as reflecting the mulitcultural histories of local people.
It comprises of a certified Biodynamic farm which hosts a regular market, as well as having community allotments. There are working examples of all aspects of a sustainable community development - from Solar, to Biodiesel, to Greywater Systems.
There is a fantastic open cafe, very family friendly, infact there are several safe areas for kids to play. They host events, festivals and workshops and have a strong educational focus and schools program.
CERES is also home to many other affiliate groups, such as LETS, Chook Club!, Baking Group, Art and Craft Groups and a Bike Club.
There are a network of cycle paths through the site and a fabulous recycling cycle shed, where anyone can go along and build or fix a bike.
One of the nicest things about it were the art installations scattered around which involved the use of all recycled materials and gave the place a unique feel.
Do you get the feeling that I liked it?

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