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To be a vibrant social hub for our local community and beyond, celebrating generational, cultural and environmental diversity, promoting and inspiring sustainable living practices for well-being.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Background to BEC House

Bribie Eco- Community House evolved in August 2007 out of a shared vision of creating a positive network within our community.
There's a fantastic aboriginal word, from the Ngaringman people in the Northern Territory :
"PUNYU" - and means wellbeing, it encompasses person and country and is associated with being strong, happy, knowledgeable, socially responsible, beautiful, clean and safe (prof. Judy Atkinson).

We feel that living here on idyllic Bribie, within a small community, we have the perfect opportunity to create punyu, through sustainable lifestyles including : permaculture and community gardens, slow food, eco-building techniques, holistic health, music, positivity and promoting good old fashioned "community spirit", connecting generations and cultures, often sadly lacking in the western world.

To share the ideas behind BEC House and to help shape and gain support for our ultimate vision, (see - 'what is BEC House'), we have been finding ways of connecting with various personnel and community groups, such as our local Neighbourhood Centre, Bribie Community Association, Bribie Environmental Protection Agency, TOC H, Permaculture Caboolture, CADETS youth training scheme,local councillor Gary Parsons, representatives of Blue Care and Economic Development Officers at Caboolture Shire Council- all of whom have been supportive.
Between us we have been to the Slow Food Festival (Melbourne) and have visited community permaculture gardens at Northey St City Farm (Brisbane), Yandina, Heronswood , CERES and St Kilda (Melbourne) - see Weblinks, to see what other community groups with similar ideals are doing, seeking (as well as offering) advice and support.
Beks has attended a few council run workshops run to help community groups look at ways of getting funding for projects, how to effectively run a community group/org. and how to work co-operatively with others to turn dreams into reality.

We are always looking for new people to join us and new ways of getting ' out there'.
Slowly, slowly we will build BEC House together.

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staci said...

Hi there, have managed to get into the blog - a great step forward in the project and congratulations -it looks suuuperb!Not sure how the posting a comment goes but very excited to hear about the Kookaburra House and CREEC Fair & Markets.Will try to add details of my trip down south once I see how this comes up.Great to see things taking shape and lovely to be able to keep up with what's happening while I'm away.Cheers Staci