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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Mandy and Beks attended the BIEPA AGM on Monday night (26th May) - see BIEPA WebLink. The work these guys are doing for Bribie is truly inspirational and if it wasn't for them acting as watchdog, many environmental disasters would be overlooked on our beautiful doorstep. It's such a shame that even then local and state authorities appear not to listen!
We thank them for giving us an opportunity to present BEC House to them and are grateful for their verbal support. It was fantastic to talk to members after the presentation, who were excited and supportive of BEC House. From discussion with the president Ian Bell, it may be possible to liase with BIEPA with regards to sharing a market stall in the future.
The BIEPA Fair on the 29th June at the RSL is to fundraise for Sally Arthur's Wildlife Rescue and is in the form of a Cabaret Show, so we won't be having a stall there , however go along and support it if you can.
We hope by that continually building these bridges, we all grow stronger.

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