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Monday, May 18, 2009

Gathering Sun 31st May

Everyone seems happy to continue with the last Sun of the month for our gatherings, so here's what's coming up next -

When: Sunday 31st May, 3pm onwards for early Tea
Where: Cherie's House - 29 Cicada St, Woorim
What: "Wicking Beds" - save on water using a wicking bed system, for use in the garden and in containers, Mary-Lou is going to show us how! Also, come inspired to help Cherie design her own backyard....

Bring along a plate of local seasonal food to share (if possible), refreshment, plate, cutlery and a rug/spare chair. Come armed with a sustainable question or advice to offer... do you have seeds/seedlings/produce to swap or share? Do you need help on a working Bee?

Bring along a smile ....

All Welcome, Child friendly

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