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To be a vibrant social hub for our local community and beyond, celebrating generational, cultural and environmental diversity, promoting and inspiring sustainable living practices for well-being.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dynamic Diggers : June 15th

Our incorporation application is well under way, with only a bit more pruning required before maturity - we have organised a Public meeting for Saturday 4th July at the library to 'officially' nominate and vote in our President/Secretary/Treasurer (more details at later date). All are welcome and encouraged to attend as we will also be presenting our Community Garden Proposal (at whatever stage it's at), for public discussion and comment.

Do you want to be in at the Grass Roots of this exciting project and have a positive input on how
YOUR Community Garden will look/operate? Here's how -

Next Dynamic Diggers meeting : Monday 15th June @ 7pm, 17 Elcata Ave , Bellara - Jim's Place

See you there....

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