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To be a vibrant social hub for our local community and beyond, celebrating generational, cultural and environmental diversity, promoting and inspiring sustainable living practices for well-being.

Friday, June 27, 2008

22nd and 25th June Meetings

The 15th June meeting was postponed for a few reasons and rescheduled for 22nd bushwalk/25th admin meetings.
The bushwalk on the 22nd was at the back of Fairways resort to the beach at Woorim, Skirmish point. We were blessed by a large pod of dolphins playfully fishing right by the shore.
At the admin meeting we welcomed our new members and all shared and documented our reasons for being involved with BEC House, our Project Ideas and skills, to give us clearer direction for the future.
We organised a regular meet date/time and agenda for discussion.
Areas of Action prior to next meeting are to find a suitable regular venue, continue to look for a Community Garden site, reconnect with Permaculture Caboolture re ? Organic markets commenced , BEC House rep/s to attend BIEPA meetings and Minutes Agenda to be formalised
(thanks Eve!).

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