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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's ahead in 2010?

Happy New Year Everyone,
It's time for our first gathering of the New Year, I don't know about you, but i'm flagging in the garden. It's hard to spend time in the garden in the cooler hours, with my 2 boys and much time has been spent at the beach or pool over the holidays. However some Zucchinis, carrots and spring onions are still hanging in there despite my neglect and the few lettuces that haven't bolted, miraculously resurrect themselves each day after the blistering sun has faded. The Amaranth I planted for the chooks (and leaves cooked for us) has thrived on no attention whatsoever and is almost as tall as me and the colourful flowery seed heads are forming. So if anyone wants any seeds i'll soon have millions!
I'm so glad of the choice we made with our outdoor shade sails, that shield us from the afternoon heat and allow the boys to still play outside and grateful for our water tank that has had some good rain recently to tend the garden and fill the paddling pool.
Every day I think - how blessed are we to live with the seabreezes, by the glorious ocean?
So for our gathering :

WHEN: Sun 31st Jan at 3pm
WHERE: 36 Wattle Ave, Bongaree - Beks Place
WHAT: General catch up and planning of calendar for 2010 -
 What do you want from our Eco-Community?
What can you offer?....bring your ideas, your smiles and refreshments/food to share

Love to see you there...

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