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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Moving Forward

A quick thanks to everyone that came on the Witjuiti Grub Outing, we all had a lovely day and came away with some interesting plants, despite Graham the owner being tied up in a field with cows somewhere ...!! and i still haven't received an invoice sooo...i'll let you know when!

Thanks to our very Dynamic Diggers Committee we are now a fully incorporated group, this means we can move forward with regard to the Community Garden. Last week members of the committee met with Gary Parsons and John Cooke (our Council Liaison person) on the potential site.
It was a very positive meeting, we have the full 150% support of Gary Parsons (our local councillor) behind us to help push this through council and the State's 'Master Plan'.

Our next step is to formally apply for a lease on the land, once we have a leasehold we are then able to apply for Grant Funding from various sources.

In order to apply for the lease we need the following :
  • Public liability Insurance for $20,000,000
  • Money to cover Incorporation and Public liability expenses - around $800-1000
We are currently in the process of acquiring a bank account with Bank of Queensland, who have a great record of community building activities/support and environmental sensitivity, also we shall be sourcing donations from local organisations to assist in covering initial costs -

however that's where you come in....

As interested members of Bribie Eco-Community, you understand how important a Community Garden is for Bribie, now's your chance to really make a difference and show how much you care about this project.
We have over 40 members on our email/contact list, if all of us donate
we can reach our target immediately AND BE SELF SUFFICIENT - isn't that what we are all about?

So make your donation NOW to be a real part of keeping Bribie Ec0-Community Growing -
you can send a cheque/money order/cash to :
Bribie Eco-Community Inc.

Po Box 1094
If you would like to make a direct bank deposit, email Beks and our Treasurer Vikki will forward our bank details to you as soon as we have them!
Thankyou so much for your kind support


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