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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Community Garden Update

The proposed site is on council land on First Ave behind the Indoor Bowls centre and Bridge club, it also backs onto the proposed Orchid Society building and is adjacent to the Community Nursery of Wallum Action Group, all of which makes it perfect for possible shared utilities.
The site has already been under discussion with Gary Parsons and another local resident for a Community Garden, so it's great to see everyone coming together to try and make this happen.
Thanks to everyone who rocked up at the site at the w/end for our afternoon tea picnic, it's great to find that we all have common goals and interests for our community and the site certainly has huge potential. It already has concrete pathways which makes the site wheelchair accessible and slabs down, for possible shed sites/raintanks and shelters. There are mature trees for shade, toilets nearby, adjacent roofs for collecting rainwater, power and plenty of room for growth. It's position also makes it accessible by bus, bike, car or on foot, with space for off road parking.
So what's next? Well we are in communication with Gary Parsons on how we go about making a formal application to acquire the site for Community Garden useage, as well as contacting Qld Community Garden Association for any advice or support in how to set up the group in order to obtain funding, etc.
There have been cases elsewhere, where local councils have auspiced community groups setting up gardens for funding purposes and also extended their public liability to cover the garden and it's volunteers. So this is a route we will be pursuing . Most gardens however that i've come across have set up as an Incorporated group.
Any advice most welcome!
We will likely organise a further meeting when we have some more info. as to what our next steps will be......Watch this space...

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